Week 42 Day 306
iPhone hipstamatic

Potted plant outside the apartments :)

Week 42 Day 305
iPhone hipstamatic

Tear down of vg lista in oslo. 

Week 42 Day 304
iPhone hipstamatic

My bag for work with randomness of random. ready for the next day

Week 42 Day 303
iPhone hipstamatic

Week 42 Day 302
iPhone hipstamatic

Oh hey new shoes!
Oh hey sorry, sore but happy :)

Week 42 Day 301
iPhone hipstamatic
Climbing and building at holmenkollen :) that’s more like it than the photo for 300 ;)

Week 42 Day 300
iPhone hipstamatic
Wow, turns out the only picture I took was the one I posted already on twitter :/ bummer. And it was my 300, double bummer. But hey Starbucks coffee, cliche I know but it has to be done

Week 41 Day 299

Nikon D700 50mm 1.5F

Spent the day geocaching with Kitty and got some photos near a few caches. Some of them got us near some old war trenches from WW2, and another got us to an WW2 russian war memorial/graveyard in Hanko, Finland. 

Week 41 Day 298

Nikon D700 50mm 1.5F

The leatherman family, and evolution. Left to right, 1999 leatherman to 2012. Super Tool to MUT. There are two missing from the collection which are at home in Oslo. A Wave and an old fashion pocket sized Squirt P4.

Week 41 Day 297

iPhone Hipstamatic

On the way to plant a new geocache, took a snap shot of a row boat on land near it also :) The container is the birdhouse that was made the other day, so excited to see how the turn out will be for it.